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The UAE IAA is continuously transforming the way it operates; such that its ultimate aim of being a catalyst to Enabling, Developing and Enhancing your auditing skills are realised. Our members, partners and patrons have continued to meet their challenges by attending UAE IAA conferences. Our conferences offer insights into various aspects of the internal audit profession and practice.

Our conferences offer a great opportunity to network with industry leaders, some of whom are legends in the field of internal audit. Our conferences have been graced by the Who’s Who in the business. Leaders and Visionaries have been part of our conferences and have shed light on the way forward which has often opened many doors to success for the delegates. Our conferences often consist of topics which may be leading the profession today, or of the things to come or even debatable subjects.

Attended by CAEs to the last internal auditor, you have the greatest chance of exposing yourself to a world of auditing and its importance like never before. Don’t miss our events which are designed to meet your ever-growing and ever-changing needs. Our pro-activeness keeps us on our toes and helps us to shape the future of internal audit with your help.

Come, be a part!

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