UAE IAA Gamified Audit Training

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– Enjoy Your Learning Journey | A Unique Price-Performance Ratio –

4 Audit Learning Paths, incl. Audit Ethics, 25 Gamified Trainings, up to 75+ CPE

UAE IAA New Year Special offer at the currently reduced price of 245 Euro/ US-Dollar.



UAE IAA Gamified Audit Training | The Way to Future Ready in an era of Digital Transformation

Based on McKinsey research studies, Serious Business Game Simulations are the best way to prepare employees for a digital transformation and to take the first important steps towards the metaverse.

In a world of digital transformation, new forms of language, expression and communication are necessary, but also new structures of learning and thinking, whose characteristics are not linear but interconnected. It is precisely this kind of thinking that is encouraged by Gamified Training in the simulations of Serious Business Game Training.
In this context, there is growing pressure in the adult education sector to find forms that are appropriate to this new learning culture in a multimedia environment. This also includes the linking of digital learning offers in the auditing sector. This is a challenge that companies as a whole and internal audit departments in particular, must face up to early on and to an increasing extent. Serious business games are a successful solution, alongside other virtual learning formats, to provide adequate training and further education for their qualification profile and also to make the knowledge transfer of employees from one generation to the next effective.

– Enjoy Your Learning Journey | A Unique Price-Performance Ratio –

4 Audit Learning Paths, incl. Audit Ethics, 25 Gamified Trainings, up to 75+ CPE

UAE IAA New Year Special offer at the currently reduced price of 245 Euro/ US-Dollar.


Why participate in the Audit Gamified Training?

  1. You are interested in digital transformation and networking. Enhance the reputation of internal audit!
  2. Learn the latest Internal Audit Methodology-Know-how.
  3. Try Serious Business Game Training live and experience the motivating effect.
  4. Use the simulations to increase the learning speed.
  5. Think outside the box, learn SMART in disruptive times of digital transformation.


How can I register? And what happens then?

  • As a user you simply register here on the website, click add-to-cart and complete the payment.
  • You will receive a confirmation email from the website.
  • Within 48 hours after receipt of payment we will activate your training account and then you can start right away.


What are the advantages for you and your team?

  • Earn 75 CPEs | Use the 25 gamified trainings during a 12-month term.
  • Learning must be FUN! | More engaging learning yields more motivation.
  • On demand | For you to choose, anytime, anywhere at your personal learning speed.
  • Experiential learning | You get instant takeaway of knowledge for use in the workplace.
  • Smart Learning | The Internal Auditors of today require changing competencies.
  • Technology is a game changer | Serious Business Game Training permits for global learning in multiple languages. All Gamified trainings are always available in English, Spanish, French and German. In addition, we already offer numerous in Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian.


The developed game-based learning method is a combination of 3 elements:

  • High quality content equivalent to a two-day on-site course, with a strong practical focus that is useful and directly applicable to the work
  • The use of gamification techniques in terms of story telling, ranking motivation, scoring, different learning and game levels, and incentives through recognition and awards. This makes the training a motivating and exciting learning experience. This directly promotes the intrinsic motivation to learn on your and your employees’ side.
  • Practical exercises that allow you as a participant to practice directly in a safe and motivating environment and to implement the practical knowledge. You will receive detailed feedback in the form of individual learning loops.


How do you make it work? What are the IT requirements?

  • The only thing you need is an end device with internet access, to use the business game training.
  • You can access our performance-optimized business game platform at any time, from anywhere in the world via your individual user profile.
  • You can re-join at any time and also just train for 5 mins and return at the last spot in a hop-on, hop-off modus.

The gamified trainings are available in up to 15 languages. All Serious Business Game Trainings are available in English, French, Spanish and German. Further languages are Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Arabic, Dutch, Chinese, Turkish, Russian, Croatian, Serbian and Bulgarian.


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