• "Our experience with HASAAD has been very positive as it provided our fresh graduates with a structured and comprehensive foundational knowledge of the internal audit discipline. We are privileged to take part in the newly launched program and would certainly consider it again as a key development tool for our fresh UAE national graduates. Special thanks to the UAE IAA and the HCT for making the program a reality."

    - Madian Al-Hajji - Mubadala - - Vice President, Internal Audit -

  • I am a fresh graduate from the university with Accounting degree. I joined IA team in January 2015 and I joined the first batch of HASAAD program in March 2015. In my first three months in Mubadala, I learnt many IA vocabulary, IA procedures, and IA goals in the organization, but everything was on a separate sheet for me, not until I joined HASAAD program which helped me to connect all the information in one solid page, it added over the expectation value to all of my aspects, and it prepared me to start and complete my engagements per the best practices. I will defiantly recommend HASAAD program for everyone joining the IA family.

    - Hamad Haid Al Ali - Mubadala - - Auditor (Trainee) -

  • Our experience of sending UAE National Graduate (Ms. Muna Al Hadhrami) to this program has been excellent with very satisfactory feedback from our participant, as it was very well received and recognized. Overall, the training provided was in-depth and well supported with practical knowledge. I would highly recommend HASAAD training and development program to all young UAE National graduates who are pursuing their career in the field of internal audit.

    - Mr. Faisal Al Hindi - ADMA-OPCO - - Business & Technology Audit Team Leader- Internal Audit Division -

  • To start with, this program was the perfect way for me to start my career in the internal audit department. In these three months I learned a lot of things that affect me and my life positively. Especially, in soft skills sections, I learned about the body language, ways of communication, solving problems, handling my anger, presentation skills, interview skills and report writing skills. Moreover, I cannot forget the CEOs and CAEs how gave us there valuable time to share their experience with us. To end with, these three month are unforgettable for me.

    - Yassmin Abdulla Saleh Al-Afeefi - ADNATCO-NGSCO - - Internal Auditor -

  • HASSAD program was very inspirational, energising, bringing lots of ideas, with both substantial and in-depth knowledge together with case studies, learning from experience and being theory and practice oriented. The program was well-balanced composition of participants, which contributed to interesting and focused discussions and exchanges. Coming from an engineering background the program assisted me a lot in getting clear picture about what auditing is and why it is important.

    - Waleed M. Al Hadhrami - ADGAS - - Internal Auditor -

  • In my opinion, the course was great and very helpful. It helped me to increase my confident in audit field and improve my knowledge about auditing. The book was very valuable and useful. The theories were explained well and easy to understand. The course gave me the big picture with the details of what is auditing. Overall, the course is very good. It helps and supports me to improve my knowledge and performance in my career life. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to thank ADNOC and Takreer to let me joined this course

    - Amal Al khoriy - Takreer - - Auditor -

  • Thanks to HASAAD and IIA' supportive team, I have passed my CIA Part 1.

    - Fatima Al Hammadi - - Mubadala -

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