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The aim of UAE IAA Quality Services is to offer its members validate their internal audit activities and further strengthen the effectiveness and efficiencies of the processes. We bring with us a rich experience of qualified professionals many of whom are from the internal audit profession and are currently serving in key positions within their organizations. Many of these are also recipient of the prestigious QIAL.  The UAE IAA can assist the Chief Audit Executive in further improving its Quality Assurance and Improvement Program (QAIP).

An independent external assessment provides evidence and confidence to the board, management, and staff that the audit committee and the internal audit activity adds value through improving an organization's operations and contributing to the attainment of organizations objectives.



  • It is my pleasure to cooperate with UAE Internal Auditors Association to conduct the Quality Assurance. It was good experience for us. The report was valuable and benefited us tremendously.

    - Alia Marjan Mubarak - - Vice President, Internal Audit, Amlak Finance -

  • "Let me express my appreciation to excellent work done during the quality assessment review you’ve recently completed for our internal audit department. It was a fruitful exercise and we welcome the improvement opportunities highlighted to enhance the quality and performance of the department. I assure you that your value-added recommendations will be acted upon fully and promptly. May I also take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the professional approach and courtesy displayed by the team."

    - Beelall Ramdianee - - Vice President, Internal Audit, Dubai International Financial Centre -

  • “Thanks to the IAA UAE Team for the great efforts exerted during the quality assurance review done for our department. The Audit team was very professional, systematic and helped us towards further improving our quality performance, professionalism and use of best practices. It was a great experience indeed!!”

    - Tamer Said Ali - - Deputy Chief Internal Auditor, Obeikan Investment Ggroup -

  • "Thanks to the UAE IAA Team for the excellent & professional work done during the quality assessment review for our Internal Audit Department. The QA provided us with great insights and confirmations on the practices we currently follow and the overall assurance of conformance to the standards. Every Head of Internal Audit should do this and I would definitely recommend the UAE IAA Team.to be your starting point for this exercise."

    - Louise O'Donnell - Oman Insurance Company - - Executive Vice President- Head of Internal Audit -

  • “Delivery of the quality assessment is organized and backed with a comprehensive manual, and the approach is clear and timely. Collaboration with different stakeholders was exemplary and full worth of the data gathering exercise was attained. The team at IIA UAE identified what is important and managed their deliverables in the best interest of their client. Thank you for being reliable, professional and a great example of what the IIA stands for.”

    - Manar Alnazer - Aramex - - Head of Internal Audit -

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